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English Courses

There are many different language centers and language schools in Phuket that provide general English courses. But why should you choose to study with Phuket BKK ? Read More


Thai Courses

Thai is considered one of the easiest languages to learn to speak. We can help you build and improve your Thai communication skills from basic levels to advanced levels. Read More


Student Visa Services

Just enjoy learning Thai with us
Students who register for 200 lessons (group classes) or 100 lessons (private classes) and pay full tuition fee of 25,000 Baht, will be eligible for a 1 year ED visa. Read More


Our Team

Mr. Boonsit Saelim or Gag
has been the manager and principal of Phuket BKK Language School since 2008. Read More


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Phuket BKK Language School is the best and very famous language school in Phuket. The school presents you how to learn languages with easier ways and friendly atmosphere and very effectively. The school solves your problems about speaking languages or even reading and writing. We are sure we can help you with ; Read More


Teachers in Phuket BKK

Kroo Boonsit

Kroo Usa
PR of our School

Kroo Tanaporn
Senior Advisor

Kroo Nardkanok


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